NCC(National Cadet Cop)

Maharashtra College NCC coy with 54 cadets Q 1 officer (strength of unit) attached to MAH.BN.NCC MUMBAI ‘B’ GP.The Training & different activities of the cadets performed under the guidance ,command and control of Capt.Dr. A.A.Dalvi. Our NCC cadets attended the different tarining camps throughout the year such as the National Integration Camp held at Nagpur in the month of August 2013.

The cadets also attended the ATC camp at Nasik & Navi Mumbai which was held in the months of August &September respectively.The cadets attended the Army Attachement Camp held at Ahmednagar in the month of December 2013.The cadets got oppurtunities to perform & associate with the Army directly & were exposed different advance training with various weapons and techniques.

The result of ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate examinations was 100% with most of them scoring ‘A’ grades and few of them with ‘B’ and ‘C’ grades. Celebration of 15th August and 26th January was conducted with full respect, honour and enthusiasim.The 15th august tricolor was hoisted at the hands of Prof.Kalania, Hon.Gen.Secretary, Khairul Islam Higher Education Society and on 26th January at the hands of Principal Dr.M.A.Waheed in the presence of NCC officer Capt.Dr.A.A.Dalvi and other staff members.EX-NCC seniors were present in large numbers particularly, Mr.Shivpal Dubey,General Manager - MidDay who has been attending this function since many years.